Several of my clients were kind enough to offer testimonials. If you'd like to contact people who I have cleaned for, please give me a call or drop me an email and I would be happy to supply contact information.

                                                                                                    - Marilyn


"Marilyn from Marilyn Maids was able to come to my home on a short notice and she did a wonderful job. She is detailed, polite, and
professional. She was able to remove dirt from my kitchen and bathroom that I had been unable to. I would gladly recommend Marilyn to anyone who needs their home cleaned."

                                                                        - Kelly D.

 (New Brighton)



“I can highly recommend Marilyn!!!
She is hardworking with great attention to detail, trustworthy,
responsible and an all around pleasant person.”

                                                                                                            - Barbara B.




Marilyn Maids is a new service I have been using for 
several months now.
In the past I have used several different housecleaning services and  have always been satisfied with their service. 

What I can tell you about Marilyn Maids is how impressed I am and how much better this service is than any I have used before.  

The things I think of when
considering Marilyn Maids is thorough and detailed.  
Marilyn Maids even insisted on cleaning my windows first before cleaning my  home.
  I had no idea how beautiful the lead glass windows  were in my home. 

Each time Marilyn Maids cleans my home
I am amazed how certain things are cleaned which I didn't expect  would be cleaned.  I never thought
it possible to have a cleaning service that could be so much better  than
previous services where I had always been well satisfied. 

I would highly recommend Marilyn Maids and am confident you will be well pleased and can expect better service from  what you might have received previously.

                                                                                                                - Stace L.




When I first met Marilyn of Marilyn Maids, I hired her before I even checked her references. She impressed me right away with her delightful personality and thorough assessment of our house. I have had good cleaning services in the past, but Marilyn’s work surpasses all others. She is exceptionally detailed, thorough, willing and dependable, and clearly loves her job. When she leaves our house, everything is spotless, shines and smells wonderful. We feel lucky to have her and highly recommend her services!


Maria T.


We provide the best home cleaning service that you can’t find anywhere!

Marilyn Maids
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